give your heart a break ;; dorian & sheri

      She had made a mistake.

      About two years ago, she wouldn’t have thought it possible to do so. Everything in her life had fallen into place at age 23. After all the painstaking work to put her life back in order, it fell apart at age 25. Her fiance proved to be the wrong man, breaking her heart and leaving her in pieces. Her agency fell apart, her friends vanished, her life was shattered; it was almost all dust in the wind. There was nothing really left except her body and a future. She didn’t even have her spirit, for it had left her when Pym walked out for the last time.

      So she believed it to be a horrid joke when her chest started glowing again, the reflection of it in the shop window taunting her with hope for something better. 

      She walked away briskly, hoping to put distance between her and whomever was cause her heart to light up like a firefly.

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( she places her hand over sheri’s, raising an eyebrow. )

"You’re gonna love this."

she disappears in a flurry of white and blue spheres of light, taking terra with her. when they reappear, they’re in the back alleyway of said restaurant. )


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      “Oooh, Sher——”
His scarred chest rose and fell shakily as he took panting breaths, icy blue-green eyes flickering between his arms pin
ned above his head and the Whitelighter that had them pinned there. She always knew how to handle him; she always knew just how to get him, um… ‘hot under the collar’, so to speak.

      “I thought that I already was.”

            But it’ll take more than that to charm my heart.”
And she means it, wily witch that she is. Sure, he’s got her wrapped around his finger; but not enough to force her to relinquish her current control. She likes playing around on top of him from time to time, after all. Painted red lips curl upward in a devious smile.

      “I’m surprised you haven’t tried overcoming
            me yet, Trevor. You’re usually so much more…

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Pacific Rim (2013)
"Fortune favors the brave, dude."

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      “I didn’t mean to break it!
      —I swear!

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Agents of SHIELD character tropes + SHIELD!Grant Ward [Hydra!Ward]

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      [ Oh shit— Someone was coming
      and Rob wasn’t back yet. Now what? ]

"Let the object of objection
become but a dream as I
cause the seen to be unseen.”

            [ Her whisper goes fast, but
            it does the trick. Her body
            begins to vanish from sight
            as she flattens against the
            wall. Hopefully she goes
            unnoticed. ]

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