weightless chuckle, partially closed hand raising as though futilely attempting to suppress it. Mom said the same thing. The recollection alone could have triggered a buoyant bout of laughter. She’d even made the same face; the crinkled nose & similar look of shock infused repugnance. « In all of his works, Shakespeare only uses one word that begins with an ‘X’, being the name of Socrates’ wife — Xanthippe — in The Taming of the Shrew. »

      An awed look appears on her face. “Whoa! I didn’t even know that! And I had to take a class on Shakespeare once upon a time!” But drat, now she has to think of another fun fact to throw out there. Oh! “America is estimated to be only the third most populous country in the world, because China’s the first most and India’s the second most. There are approximately 7.179 billion people in the world presently.”

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the water falls ;; dick & sheri



He’s simply staying still under the woman’s touch so that he doesn’t upset anyone in the room. The tension between Sheri and the blonde is so thick that he could slice through it with one of his batarangs… even though it might take a Hell of a long time to do so. Though he’s silent, he’s biting his lip to hold back any groan of pain he could possibly let out if not restrained. It wasn’t as if the pain just stopped because their machines had turned off… 

But there is a cool numbness settling in, one that definitely wasn’t there when he was first subjected to this torture. A few spots along his body begin to pale enough to that one can see purple and blue veins that have been tainted by the black serum they’re still busy pumping into him. It was then that he realized that the woman was right. No matter how much she wanted to save him, Sheri could not remove him from the room. Not when he was still in this condition. 

Meanwhile, the blonde looked from Sheri to Dick, allowing herself a double-take as she watched the process she’d waited months for finally happen. He was… changing. Becoming a little less living with every second. Of course, the process would have to stop somewhere, for she couldn’t have a dead Talon, but—— Now this one would never be a risk.

He was terrified of the change——of feeling the very breath he’s attempting to suck in seemingly taken right out of his lungs——but he can barely move. His tongue feels glued in a mouth that’s been sewn shut, and all he can do is groan; grit his teeth; bear with the terror. Such a hard thing to do, but he handled pain so beautifully… and the blonde admired that.

With a sigh, she trailed a finger down his abdomen, only stopping at the boxers she’d had her team leave on him (for modesty’s sake only). A bright red nail plucked lightly at the hem, and she doesn’t bother with caring about the blood that’s now spattered her legs and her black stilettos or the dead body on the ground. Sheri’s threats were aimed at deaf ears. 

      “Darling, SHIELD does not have what we have. If they did, they would have taken us down already, no?” The smile on her lips was meant to torture Sheri further, as was the way that she never looked at the agent when she spoke. No, she cared only for Dick… "I can see why you are attracted to him, Agent Grayson. Such a fine specimen. But he is so weak for one who is supposed to be so strong." Her petting and caressing of the former Boy Wonder simply carried on, the woman almost unable to tear her hand away from him. "I’m curious to know if he is as agile in bed as he is in the field… Do you have any such experience with him, Agent?"

Wow. Wow, this woman had absolutely no filter. None at all. If this were a gala event instead of a showdown for the life of her famous boyfriend, she’d have acted very differently. Probably done something like call security on this crazy-ass chick or something; instead, she had to keep cool. A level-headed sense of action was needed so this went over with as little mess as possible.

When the woman did her double-take, Sheri took the opportunity to also look directly at Richard, only to feel her heart plummet into her stomach from a hundred foot cliff jump. He was changing. The serum they’d cooked up was already doing its damage to his system, maybe even killing him. If Sheri didn’t move fast, things would become irreversible for even the best scientists and doctors to handle. This had to have been even worse than the Blockbuster/Venom serum that they encountered some years back.

At least that stuff didn’t kill you immediately.

In her head, she’s working out the possible amount of spells she can use in this situation and the consequences of them all. She’s working out how to eliminate this woman and her cohorts without leaving anyone alive. She’s working out how to destroy all the evidence of their work. She’s working out how long it will take the SWAT Team to help her, if they even make it. Mostly, she’s just working out how to get both herself and Dick Grayson out of here alive.

      “I don’t have to be a Level 7 or 8 to tell you you’re wrong about that.” She fired back, flexing some of the fingers gripping her firearm. The blonde’s words pissed her off almost more than her lingering touches to her boyfriend’s vulnerable form. The moment she got the chance, she was going to pry those fingers right off her hands one by one and watch as she curled in anguish for the loss of those pretty red nails.

      “Weakness is a matter of perception and opinion. I could say your definition of strength is even weak. But then again, that shouldn’t be any surprise to you. You’re surrounded by them daily, so it’s no wonder it does things to impair your judgement. Your abilities. As for my experiences with my boyfriend, well now—” she laughed without mirth, “that’s not exactly any of your business, now is it?”

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Her reaction earns a beam of a smile from Jonghyun because it means she actually remembers him and although he may have been slightly more well known in America at this point, it didn’t reach at all Sheri’s status as a star there. He was still an unknown compared to her. So he was glad that she remembered him based on their interactions rather than by simply seeing his name or group on the internet somewhere recently. It meant he’d managed to leave at least some sort of impression on the older girl.

When she gets over her initial shock, it’s a whole new experience then when she speaks again and he can actually understand the words coming out of her mouth, rather than just bits and pieces. Chuckling softly, bringing a hand up to cover his mouth out of habit, he drops it soon after with a shrug, looking around the set with one eyebrow raised in amusement. “I heard your music video wasn’t going so well and I figured I’d lend a hand whilst I’m in the area.”

Turning back to face the woman, Jonghyun grins and gives a soft roll of his eyes, reaching up to place the tip of his index finger against the centre of Sheri’s forehead and giving a soft push. “I’m here to be in your video, of course.” Retracting his hand then, he tilts his head in the direction of Rudy, who was watching the exchange. “ I got a call from your manager and the director a few weeks ago and they organized my flight over here. It was going to be a surprise and I thought it’d be a nice chance to see you again since you’ve gone and become all famous.”

His voice is laced with a little sarcasm, though the fact does still remain true. He’d been curious to see how Sheri had gotten along since they’d met and what kind of woman she’d grown to be in that time. Taking in her appearance now, she was definitely still as pretty as he remembered her being.

Eyes glinting with his own mischievousness, he flicks his hair habitually, brushing the now black locks from his eyes. “Lucky me though, right? I’ll get to brag to everyone back home that I got to be in a video with a famous actress.”

"You’re a saint, you know that? A real honest to God saintly person." She gives a breathy laugh, taking the finger to the head humbly. Starlet or not, she still accepted the fact that he had been in this business longer than she had. She got lucky, but Jonghyun probably had a rougher go of it to stretch the name over here. The fact that he was here right now, more or less doing her and her label a favor, said a lot.

She casts a sheepish glance at Rudy, who gives her a cat-ate-the-canary smile without a word. Rather than question his motives, she stays quiet and turns her attention back to her old…. Acquaintance? Friend? Colleague? Was there even a word for people who had worked together to kiss each other passionately once and then move on with life? 

Jeesh, what had she gotten herself into?

"I’m not that famous. You’re over-exaggerating." She snorts, crossing her arms and nudging him with her hip. "At least, not in terms of American fame. Maybe in another country or some far off Pacific island, I’m a goddess. Who knows?"

Flipping a bit of her mahogany colored hair over her shoulder, she bats her eyes and casts a dazzling smile in addition to the prediction. “I must be so stunning for a white girl. I’m the white girl to end all other white girls’ beauty, tee hee!”

In reality, she’s putting on the joking act just to avoid blushing about the way he looked at her and the way his hair flicks off the the side, framing his face just right. Once Sheri’s done, she smiles innocently. “I owe you a couple lunches, then. I’ll take you out after today’s shooting, if you’d like.”

It was just a friendly offer. Not a date. Not a date. Right? It was against their contracts to do any dating whatsoever. So it wouldn’t be a date… Just a friendly lunch.

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RPers! Raise your hand if you have no fear in killing your own character.



Reblog this if you’re not afraid to let your character die. (Or possibly if you even enjoy killing them.)

I don’t want to but I’m not scared about it either!!

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