Yellow Flicker Beat


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From what he had seen and taken as truth, demons were notoriously hard to destroy let alone get rid of. His head tilts to the side, appraising her, noting the skill she must possess if she had indeed ‘taken care of it’.

All I require is to know the true measure of your character.

If you walk with me in Tír na Nog, the scent of my realm will reap the smell of your past— at least that is what could happen. If not and if you prove yourself… one other option is that upon your death I shall be the one to collect you and keep your soul safe.”

Truth be told, neither of those seemed like bad choices at all. The dullahan didn’t seem like anyone particularly un-trustworthy. Perhaps she’d be willing to give it a shot. "Your realm… What are the risks if I do go there with you?"

"Because the latter option sounds just as good to me as the former."