A soft hum left her lips as she skirted along, the tiniest hint
    of a smile curving her features. Her lesson had went well
    enough today, and with her mother having been there to
    observe her — the young maiden had made sure to be on
    her best behavior, hoping to impress the older woman.

       … and it had worked
           her dearest mother, proud and satisfied.
           that was all she wanted.

   With her hands clasped behind the gentle curve of her back
   would she add a skip to her step, passing the many pillars
   and headed towards the flower fields.

                 only to be stopped by the sight of
                 an unfamiliar form.


    Pausing in her steps, she kept her gaze upon the mysterious
    figure —- and slowly made her approach.

                             ”…. Excuse me —-?”

      It’s rather apparent now that she’s
      made a grave mistake. If she’d
      only perfected that time travel
      spell sooner then perhaps she
      could have…

                                             Was that a person’s voice just now?

Sheri shot up straight and
looked behind her with an
alarmed expression. Coming
across a flower field (was that
even there before?) was an
ethereal figure with starbright
blonde hair wrapped in two
partial buns on either side of
her head and the rest flowing
behind her. She wore a cream
white gown and had the prettiest
blue eyes she could ever recall
seeing before.

                                                       Stunned, the brunette shook
                                                       her head and rubbed her eyes
        ( which, in her opinion, were
         rather plain in comparison. )
                                                       to be sure she wasn’t hallucinating.
                                                       Sure enough, she was not. A genuine
                                                       person approached her with a gait
                                                       most graceful, confounding the half
                                                       breed even further. 

            There was an actual person
            here on the moon, coming
            closer. Had she shot her
            spell off completely wrong?
            Was she not only in another
            dimension, but another time


                 ”I-I— Hello? I’m sorry, silly question, but
                        you’re real, right? Like, an actual…
                        living being?”



      “You will never be a
burden to me. I don’t think
you ever could.” He wanted
to make it clear to her that 
she was always welcome; 
that as one of the first people
he’d met in Gotham.

      The further she curled up,
the tighter his wing furled around
her. If anything, it would bring her
some comfort. “Do you want to
talk about it, Sher? I mean, I’m
totally an impartial observer. I
hardly even know you guys… 
or what you’ve been through. But
that doesn’t mean I won’t listen.”

      It was such a sensitive subject;
downplaying it was hard, even when
she lied to Pepper. Being kidnapped
was one thing, but being pregnant
and then giving the child away? That
would have thrown the whole world
askew if she hadn’t taken care of it
in secret herself. 

      “You deserve to know, Jonas. I
mean, you know most of us already
so you might as well… Gosh, where
do I start?” She sniffed and racked 
her brain for an answer. “… Ever
heard of the Court of Owls?”



      “Yeah? Well… At least
she’s out of there now. I
owe that girl my life.” And he
wasn’t kidding in the slightest
when he said that. If Sam had
never broken him out of Cadmus,
he’d still be in there now.

      “Oh—— Right. Yeah. My 
apartment is down the block. 
You can stay under my wings
so that you don’t get wet.”

      “No kiddin’? You’ll have to
tell me exactly how you ended
up in Cadmus and met Sam. I
mean, I already know she’s a life
saver. Tell me something I don’t
know.” She joked, holding arms
around herself as she stood.

      “I’m okay. I was more worried
about you, really. I would hate for
you to catch a cold after being
kind enough to save my ass. My
powers are currently a little out
of commission.”

A Rare Circumstance ;; Ourania & Raziel

      The moon shone like an ivory spotlight through the puffy gray clouds swimming in the navy blanket of night. Its light touched the darkness lingering in the corners of the city below, revealing both horrors and wonders of the night; a couple sealing their engagement with a kiss, a mugger stealing a man’s briefcase, a cat caring for her litter of kittens in the alleyway, and so on. New York City was no haven for the innocent and naive, but many tried to make it so. 

      One of those was the mysterious newcomer on the scene, Ourania. Ever since her epic capture of the villainous demon Anson, who was selling a drug manufactured with the ashes of fires from Hell and condemning the souls of those who took it, her name and her image was flashed all over tabloids and magazine covers. For the woman underneath the mask, this was nothing new. But for Ourania, a blessed hero with a strict self-requirement for modesty, it was somewhat overwhelming. 

      Her figure stood sentient atop the corner of a building, watching for sirens and keeping a close eye on the family of cats below her. Even one with powers so large must care for those much smaller, she learned. If they’re not taken care of, the ones who abuse their power will destroy them. And she refused to let that happen while she was on watch. 

      A rustle shook her out of her thoughts, causing her to turn quickly. “Who’s there? Show yourself.”

      “I spare no patience for those who try to sneak up on me. I’m sure the front page of the news would tell you that much.”


With that, Lotte could relate, her mother had been quite old fashioned as well; though compared to this time (the modern era) and the one where she was born in, it wasn’t all too strange after all. Removing palms from the bark did she brush the dirt away, fingers interlacing with one another, while thumbs tapped on the opposite pair, a habit (more like compulsive behavior). Mentally did she count the amount of taps, exactly four times it was because in her mind, her compulsive superstitious mind, did that number equal to something good. Brows perked up at the mention of music and instruments, immediately a topic that interested her and made her that much more glad to have met the other. Leaning forward, hand clasped together in front of a humble chest and colored lips curved up into a wide mile (mindful not to be too wide or her fangs would be seen).

     ”Ah! I l-lo-love to read as well but music i-is my pa-pas-passion!" Excitement subtly worsening her stutter but at this point she didn’t mind; they were talking about something she truly loved, there was no time to be paranoid or anxious about the one thing that made her so self-conscious.


       ”I play th-th-…—.” A pause, inhaling sharply before she continued. “I play th-the violin. I got the chance t-to be p-p-art of the local orchest—t-tra. Which in-…—instruments do you play?" Voice rising a tad as curiosity was evident within light colored hues.
       ”I have—a c-cat, Lady Muffet a-and she behaves as if she’s t-t-the queen.” A chuckle. “But ah! A d-daughter? How old i-is she?

Oh thank heavens, another music connoisseur. Her heart swelled faintly, grateful to have made such a connection with someone new. It wasn’t often she got to speak or dabble with music, what with her occupation and her responsibilities, but those times when she could… Those were truly magical; the kind that people without magic could perform impeccably. Sheri shared her ecstatic smile and straightened excitedly.

      “For me as well! I studied a lot of the arts when I was in school, but music was always where I excelled.” She explained, mentally finding Lotte’s stutter rather endearing. “I play clarinet and piano. I started out on the clarinet though, so I’m rather attached. But I love singing as well. Music in general is just… Absolutely wonderful.”

      “I haven’t been in any groups in a while. Perhaps I ought to try. Hm.” It was more a note to herself than a statement to the other, but she was more than welcome to respond. “My daughter’s two years old, now. Still a toddler. But an absolute angel, regardless. I have a feeling she’s going to be my only good kid, should I decide to have another. Nothing like your cat, thankfully! I don’t know how I’d deal with a primadonna in the house.” Sheri chuckled.



      “…Of course I don’t mind. And I don’t care how attached you are to me, if it’s a boy, you cannot name him Trevor, darling. They’ll know for sure, then…”

It was meant to be a lighthearted joke, and he chuckled after the delivery, but it was the truth behind it that killed his good mood. She would have to be so very careful after she left him. It was only a matter of time before the Court found out, but she had to be gone by then. He’d make sure of it. Lee had been ever-so-present, lately, checking up on them at least once a day… and Trevor had talked to her in private, as well. Her and Dick had a plan, and he would follow them to the ends of the earth if it meant that Sheri would be okay.

      “What do you think about Holli? Like… Holli with an i. Something like that? For a girl, anyway.”

      “Lord, like you need the ego boost. As if. If it’s a boy, then maybe Arthur or Simon or Leon. Leon’s a strong name.” A strong name for a baby who deserves to be so much stronger than the both of them.

They’re both trying to keep the mood light and, for the most part, they were doing okay. She felt something grim simmer from his form after the remark was made and she reached to hold his hands in hers. Sheri knew full well that Lee and Dick were in the process of perfecting a plan and she knew, somewhere along the way, that it would mean letting Trevor go soon. For months, she’d known this day would come somehow, but now that it was coming over the horizon she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

      “I like that. Kind of a throwback to my own name, ending with an i rather than a y. Classy and modern. And… I’ve always liked the name Holli. I knew a Holly once. A fairy, if you’d believe it. Sharp as a whip and never let the boys bring her down… I remember when I used to want to be her. She only ever got captured once and even then, she broke herself out. I’m not nearly strong enough for that, clearly.”



              “Quite fine? Taking that as
              a good sign. I’ll be sure to
              put it in the report, give the
              Talon a
gold star just for
              not trying to kill you… yet.”

      Everything about the situation was
      annoying to her, but the Court would
      have her head if she didn’t at least
      make an effort to ensure that all of
      their plans were going according
      to their wishes. Not to mention that
      something just seemed off.

            “Give it another week or two.
            Maybe you’ll get your wish. I
            tend to be pretty antagonistic.
            Hell, you’re probably itching to
            stick a knife in me right now.”

      Bold words, Sheri. Coming
      from someone who can’t
      afford to deal with a blade
      to the gut anytime soon.
      Maybe in about 8 months.



     “…Alright. Suppose I ought to leave if I’m tresspassing. 
     Are you sure you’re alright though? Because you don’t
     look it. Not a stitch.She pursed her lips and paused.
     “Before you have me vacated from the premises, are 
     you absolutely certain you don’t want to talk this out
     with someone? What was it—bad breakup?

      “I was just joking about the trespassing thing.
      Or trying to, anyway.” She cleared her throat
      and brightened for the other, laughing at the
      idea of something as simple as a break-up.
      “No, no. Not a break up. I wish it were that simple.
      And you can stay— No one really comes down
      here. It’s usually used for showcasing or press
      conferences, but right now it’s just an empty



"Agent Sibyl Falcon. Call me Sibyl. No longer strangers, then?"

"No longer, Sibyl. Unless you’d prefer it that way then I can just walk away now."


"…kid, we need to get you a girlfriend if that’s the best pickup line you can come up with. that was just sad."

"… seriously? and to think i was getting better — i got that one from a movie.”

seriously. movies are not the place to get pickup lines. especially c-rated ones and below. go for the b to a level stuff; it’s way better. trust me, i speak from experience.”